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Hi, my name is Maximillion

I'm part of a group of underground real estate investors you've probably never heard of...

We don’t invest in single-family, multi-family, nor commercial real estate. In fact, we don’t invest in any traditional real estate.


Yet, we are earning (on average) 138% cash-on-cash return on rental properties. While also earning (on average) $408/hr. managing our rental properties.


Now, if you asked traditional real estate investors, they’d tell you that what we’re doing is impossible. Yet, it’s happening. It’s happening through the art and science of turning vans into LUCRATIVE RENTAL PROPERTIES.


We are GENIUS VANS, and this is our story!

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Does this sound familiar to you?


We worked hard to achieve success in our careers, while also doing our best to make good financial decisions. This allowed us to be blessed with higher than average incomes, with good credit scores. BUT we were still left yearning for FREEDOM!

So we began looking for ways we could turn our Paychecks into Profits. What investments or businesses could we do on the side to give us the FREEDOM to pursue our purposes & passions?

And like many others before us, we came to the realization that investing in real estate was the way.

House Hunt

4 Reasons
We Invest in Real Estate
(and you should too)

Cash Flow

Cash flow is the money you have left over from the rent you’ve collected after all expenses have been paid.


In the majority of investments (stocks, art, jewelry, bitcoin, etc.), you are hoping to buy something that will appreciate in value, then sell it later for a profit. Real estate is an attractive investment because it can give you monthly income.


That said, appreciation, or the rising of home prices over time, is how most people make money with real estate. This is the “wow stories” you hear of when people make a large windfall of money. While prices fluctuate, over the long run real estate values have always gone up, and there is no reason to think that is going to change.

Tax Write-offs

You can write off part of the value of your real estate every year. This significantly reduces the tax burden on the money you make. You should consult a CPA for the details of this tax benefit, but the basic idea is that the government considers property you buy to be slowly wearing down over time, and much like equipment for a business you own, you’re allowed to write off that wear and tear. Not a bad deal to own a property that makes you money, can increase in value, and also shelters you from taxes on the money you make.


If you buy a property for $200,000 and it appreciates to $220,000, then your property made you a 10% return. However, you likely didn’t pay cash for the property and instead used the bank's money. If you consider that you may have put 10% down ($20,000), you actually have doubled your investment, a 100% return.


Where else can you borrow money from A (the bank), then pay that loan back with money from B (the tenant), and keep the difference for yourself?

On top of all that, here's the good news! When you get a lucrative Rental Property from Genius Vans you get all of the benefits above, plus 3 additional benefits that traditional real estate does not have. Which makes Genius Vans the #1 Real Estate Opportunity!

Passive Income

3 Reasons
Turning Vans into Rental Properties
is the #1 Real Estate Opportunity

1/5 of the Financial Risk

Traditional real estate investors are paying a median home price of $410,000 in the U.S.

Meanwhile, Genius Vans investors are only paying a median price of $80,000 in the U.S.

Would you rather risk $410,000 or only $80,000 per investment property?

More than 5X the Rental Income

When traditional real estate investors invest $410,000 for an investment property they are usually only able to collect on average $2,000 in monthly rent.

Meanwhile, for $400,000 Genius Vans investors are able to acquire 5 rental properties and collect an average of $10,500 in total monthly rental income.

Would you rather invest $410,000 for only $2,000 in monthly income or $400,000 for $10,500 in monthly income?

No Money Down (the Holy Grail of real estate investing)

When traditional real estate investors buy a rental property, they must pay 20% of the purchase price in CASH and the bank will finance the other 80%. This is often referred to as 20% down.

Therefore, if they buy a rental property for $410,000 then they have to put $82,000 CASH down!

Meanwhile, Genius Vans investors are able to buy rental properties on average for $80,000 with NO MONEY DOWN!

That's right! Our clients are able to build a portfolio of rental properties with NO MONEY DOWN!

Would you rather, on average, put $82,000 CASH down per rental property or put NO MONEY DOWN?

Exactly! This is why turning vans into rental properties is the #1 Real Estate Opportunity. Now, you may be wondering "how do I start a van rental business?"

Well, scroll just a little bit further to learn the step-by-step process of starting your own lucrative van rental business.

Or click the link below so we can talk about the details and see if we are a good fit.

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4 Reasons Why Real Estate
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10 Steps to Starting a Lucrative Vacation Van Rental Business

1) Setup Your Business (LLC, bank account, email, etc.)

2) Get a Van (choose type of van, find van, negotiate price, inspect, zero down finance, etc.)

3) Design Vacation Property (layout, features, materials, amenities, etc.)etc..)

4) Remodel Van into Vacation Property

5) Produce Walk-through & Troubleshoot videos

6) Have a Professional Photoshoot

7) Create Magnetic Listings

8) Use the Maximum Results Pricing Strategy

9) Provide the 5-Star Experience to Renters

10) Enjoy Your Income & Tax Benefits

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Our Innovations = Savings for You

90 Days

Other Builders


Other Builders

7 Days




Innovative Building Process

You are only 12 Choices away from having your very own customized tiny house on wheels.

Choose Your Van

Choice #1

There are 4 things to consider when choosing your van. The first thing for you to consider is how many people you want to be able to drive with. The second thing is which van height would best suit you. The third thing is which van length is best for you. The fourth thing is what type of driving you'll be doing with your van.

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